FAQ - Please Read Through If You Have Questions or Concerns

What shipping carrier do you use?

We ship all our parcels through Canada Post. All of our shipping rates and promos will be through their service. 

If I want my parcel mailed out with a different carrier can that be done?

We work primarily with Canada Post. If for whatever reason you need your parcel shipped out with a different carrier, we will request that shipping costs be split and paid for between the Customer and our shop. Each carrier offers different rates and Canada Post is our preferred source for getting our products to you.

**Free shipping rates listed on our website will only be applicable to parcels being delivered with Canada Post as the carrier. Any other requests for a different carrier will be subject to shipping costs being at the customers expense.

My order says it was delivered but I haven't received it. What now?

Contact Canada Post as soon as possible with your tracking information. Once we have dropped off the parcel to the Post Office, we lose any ownership over the parcel and it becomes the Customer's responsibility to get in contact with Canada Post regarding their parcel. 

RETURN POLICY Due to COVID restrictions all sales are final at this time