Sew Fine Thread Gloss

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0.5 oz pot of Sew Fine Thread Gloss, Libs Elliott Edition 

Tame your threads! No more tangled, knotted or static-y threads while you're hand-sewing.
To use: thread your needle and lay the thread close to the needle on the thread gloss. Using your thumb, put light pressure on the thread while you pull the thread along the top of the thread gloss. One or two light pulls should be plenty! Knot your thread and start stitching! 

About Libs’ scents:

I wanted to curate scents that have a balance similar to some of my favourite perfumes that I've collected during my travels. I've always liked the juxtaposition of florals and citrus against more earthy and woody scents. To me, it feels like a balance between feminine and masculine. Rose Wood, Violet Amber and Orange Lavender are all scents that embody that special combination and spark daydreams of exotic places.