Odif 505 Spray - Regular 250 ml

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Odif 505 Spray - Temporary Fabric Adhesive, 250ML

Introducing the compact and versatile 250ML Odif 505 Spray, designed to meet the needs of every crafting project, big or small.

This smaller version of the beloved 505 Spray maintains all the exceptional qualities of its larger counterpart, offering a temporary and repositionable adhesive solution without compromising on strength or quality. Its user-friendly application means no more pinning or tacking, saving time and hassle for quilters and sewists.

The  250ML size is perfect for those looking to try the product for the first time or for smaller projects that require precision and ease.

it provides an affordable option for ensuring every piece of work is held securely in place, with the flexibility to reposition as needed. The clear-drying, low-odor formula ensures that your workspace remains pleasant, and your projects, flawless.