Block Loc Flying Geese 2”x4” finished

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Bloc Loc Flying Geese Square Up Ruler 2" x 4“

Accurate and fast

Locks on to both seam allowances at the same time

Fitted with the Bloc_Loc grooves

There is nothing more rewarding than perfect points every time! Flying Geese Rulers are easy to use and the trimming is fast and accurate. The rulers will work with all methods and patterns.
All Bloc Loc Flying Geese Rulers are sold by "finished size" meaning the ruler is physically 1/2" bigger than the size listed. The rulers will trim units to the "finished size" plus a quarter inch seam allowance on each side.
Bloc Loc Flying Geese Rulers are size specific and will work to trim one singular size of flying geese (the size listed).
2" x 4".
Item no. 82742