Necessary Clutch Wallet
Necessary Clutch WalletNecessary Clutch Wallet
Necessary Clutch Wallet
# EMMB-101
From Emmaline Bags
By MacKay, Janelle
In Bags, Purses & Totes
DESCRIPTION The Necessary Clutch Wallet isn't just your ordinary wallet. Carry your cell phone/mobile, cheques, cash, cards, coins and still have room for your favorite lipstick or even personal items. With its closed ends, everything is safe and secure and there is never any worry about anything sliding out.

The patterns pieces are full size, and include seam allowances. Pattern instructions are provided in both imperial and metric measurements.

The finished size is approximately:

Length: 8in (20 cm) across bottom
Height: 4in (10 cm)
Depth: 1in (25 cm) wide at bottom.

Not in Chains


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