La Fin Du Monde PIN - Collectors edition

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We are excited to be distributing this pin through our shop. 

LImIt- 1 per person please 


here’s Libs write up



The Libs Elliott Spring 2020 Limited Edition Pin is: La Fin du Monde. Pin measures 1.5" high. Designed after the La Fin du Monde quilt, this pin is made with a spectrum of colours and white soft enamel in a shiny gold pin. It has two rubber clasp pins on the back to secure it in place.

La Fin du Monde translates to: The End of the World. I named this design last year after going through a really difficult personal times (which I'm still going through...). I figured, sometimes things feel so overwhelming that it feels like the end of everything. But it's not. You just have to pour your energy into doing things that bring you comfort - like making quilts for yourself or for loved ones. So, from me to you, I'm sending virtual hugs and positive energy via the La Fin du Monde pin.